Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hi everyone just want to let you know I now have my own series on TVX and start shooting very soon. Also I'm shooting a programme called calling the shots next week around the 4th Feb for TVX. I get to direct my own porn movie, how cool is that. Also my webcam will be starting very soon. Can't wait for that really looking forward to it. Ive got two new great video's going on my website next month. Also don't forget you can download photo's and video to you moblie very soon. Ok bye bye for now. Will keep you up dated. All my love Charmaine xxxx
The competition winner of win a dinner date with me will be contacted before 24th February. Also want to let everyone know there is a brand competition running now until 5th April 2010.

I've been working for TVX and will be presenting the porn awards on there in March 2010. I've directed my very first soft porn movie which was great fun. It's called calling the shots and will be aired soon on TVX. In the next few weeks I start filming my own series which will be called The five deadly sins of Mistress Sinclair. Fantastic, can't wait to start.

The live web cam has been put back to end of February 2010 due to technical faults. All I can say is I'm very sorry and I promise I'll be worth the wait. Big huge kisses!

Last but not least I'm doing two PA's on 28th and 29th February 2010 in London will let you know the address soon!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Facebook | The Official Charmaine Sinclair appreciation society

Facebook The Official Charmaine Sinclair appreciation society

Hi everyone just to let you know you can join me on Facebook. Ask any questions and and I'll reply in person. All my love Charmaine xxxx

Baobab - Pretty baby - Muziek & Entertainment - 123video

Baobab - Pretty baby - Muziek & Entertainment - 123video

Hi everyone this is a little teaser video on my blog. If you want to see the rest of the video go to my website and watch me show you all the charms I have to offer right down to my birthday suit. Love Charmaine xxxx

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Hi everyone just wanted to let you all know that you can now join my web site for £5.00 for 7 days. Also remember live webcam is coming very soon! Also in the next few weeks I'll have another payment method on my website which is SMS. More picture's being added this month. Last but not least there will soon be photo set's of me on my website to download and video and pictures to download to your mobile phone.

Will keep you up dated
Charmaine xxxx

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to say a big Thank-you to all my member's of my website.
A personal Thank-you to Jay at Ebony Spandex Dolls for all your help and hard work.
A personal Big Thank-you to Mark Vincent who started my fan club on Facebook.
A personal Thank-you to everyone in the chat-room's ie PJ, Cats, Skateguy, Bergstrom, The real jet Black ect... for keeping my name alive.
A huge personal Thank-you to OM3GA for complete support of my return.
Thank-you, Thank-you to all who have joined my facebook fan club.
A very very big thank-you to Bill Johnson who took all my new photo's and video's for my new website.
Thank-you to Phill Barry who was the one who talked me into coming back in the first place. Big Kiss.
Thank-you to Maria at Title Web Solutions for my building my website.
Last of all Thank-you so much to all my loyal die hard fans who made my name what it is today.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!