Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hi this is a book a very dear friend Ric Porter has wrote. I met him when I was just 17 and have remained close friends. He diredcted my Deadly Sins of Mistress Sinclair. I am mentioned in the book twice and it's a very good read if you want to know the inside story of the glamour world.
Ric Porter is a recognised name within the British adult film industry, producing programmes for Television X and having worked with Private, Ben Dover, Bluebird Films, Playboy, Viv Thomas, Score Group and many more. He was the managing editor of Fantasy Publications and acted as a consultant on the launch of Television X. This book is a memoir, charting his experiences from working with the then unknown Ben Dover on early films through to managing the UK's most prolific adult magazine publishing group to becoming a producer for Television X and more. Features anecdotes of many well known adult and mainstream celebrities. An amusing and insightful look at the British adult industry 'from the inside', this reads like a cross between 'Boogie Nights' and 'Carry On' - Welcome to Pornoland!
Probably the best link to put up is this one which shows all the ways to buy the book:
From the UK it's available at £11.99 from
From the USA it's available at $19.08 from
'Look Inside The Book' feature is available on the page; loads of the book can be read online before buying!
From anywhere it can be downloaded for £5.99 from
And to pay by Paypal:
I'm reading portions of my book on this Youtube site:

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