Saturday, 9 January 2010

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to say a big Thank-you to all my member's of my website.
A personal Thank-you to Jay at Ebony Spandex Dolls for all your help and hard work.
A personal Big Thank-you to Mark Vincent who started my fan club on Facebook.
A personal Thank-you to everyone in the chat-room's ie PJ, Cats, Skateguy, Bergstrom, The real jet Black ect... for keeping my name alive.
A huge personal Thank-you to OM3GA for complete support of my return.
Thank-you, Thank-you to all who have joined my facebook fan club.
A very very big thank-you to Bill Johnson who took all my new photo's and video's for my new website.
Thank-you to Phill Barry who was the one who talked me into coming back in the first place. Big Kiss.
Thank-you to Maria at Title Web Solutions for my building my website.
Last of all Thank-you so much to all my loyal die hard fans who made my name what it is today.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great to see you back Charmaine:) I will always be a special fan of yours:);) xxx

  2. No doubt! keep up the good work!
    The pleasure was all mine! xx

  3. Heck, we should be thanking YOU, for returning from retirement! You're still as sexy as ever in my book...Ω