Thursday, 18 March 2010


At last my webcam is up & running and going very well. I change the time and dates every Monday for the coming week.You can book a private seesion on webcam with me but it has to be 20 or 30 mins. You can buy the mins at any time keep them until your ready to use them. When your ready to use the mins just click view cam. Email me the time & date you'd like and I'll get back to to you ASAP. Also if you buy 20 or 30 mins when your time is nearly up you'll be offered extra time for half price so look out for that when your on the webcam. Looking forward to talking to you all very soon! Don't forget if you shy you can text and view or if your really shy you can just view. Remember you must be a member to talk and view non-members can view only. Thanx Charmaine xxxx

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