Sunday, 27 June 2010

Marilyn Monroe.


  1. Hi Charmaine:

    I loved the video with Marilyn Monroe. Dead or alive she does not hold a candle to you. I loved the red corset and thigh highs with hold ups. I like you in pumps better than boots. You are the most beautiful woman on the planet. I wish you were my girlfriend. I want you more and more each time I see you. I only wish you would have worn a red bra a with the black pumps stockings and garters..I only wsih you had removed your giant breasts from your bra and then taken your hand from over your pussy or at least let see your big ass with no panties on.

  2. Charmaine I want to have sex with you and put myhot cum on in your cleavage and suck your nipples...then put it inside your hairy pussy.what is your bra size? your breasts are bigger now morethan ever.

  3. Charmaine will you do a photo set like the garden of eden shoot from back in the day plese? with your nipples showing and stockings with garters and thigh highs....and please curl your long hair....that was the first picture i ever saw of you and have wanted you ever since.