Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Written by my slave

Glorious Mistress, I hope that this reaches you this time:
Once again I was thrilled when I recieved your new task for me. I immediately went down to the local BHS and selected a bright pink pair of lace panties and bra. I felt so dirty and wrong, I had a pulsating boner. The male server gave me a knowing look, and I instantly felt humiliated but safe in the knowledge that I would please you. When I got back I dressed up in my new lingere and put on some lipstick which I'm ashamed to say I already owned. Then, in the open space of my living room I played with my nipples like the slut I am until I squirted my load into my hand, which I lapped up like a sissy slut.
Then it was time to go from slut to mutt, as I put my dog collar on and gagged myself with gaffer tape. I also stuck some on my nipples, before jerking off to your new kitchen video. As instructed, I stuck my fingers up my pathetic arse crack as my fluids escaped. I screamed "I love it Mistress Sinclair" through my gag, and I was certain that I really did love it. I ripped the tape off my nipples which was incredibly painful for a lightweight like me, and then crawled over to my water dish before drinking obediently.

I had fun repeating the tasks over the weekend.
Thankyou Mistress.

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